Fundraising Dinner “Aussie Kitchen”

Road to Perth is hosting a fundraising dinner on wednesday the 12th of November.

All funds raised with this dinner will go to the Road to Perth program. The dinner will feature Australian food like Crocodile fritter & Melbourne mess.

On the night, Jayde Taylor and David Harte will be our guest speakers. They will share their stories on international topsport and travelling with a team.

The dinner will be €50,- p.p.

Interested? Mail us at!

See you at the dinner!

Dual Champions Marel & Tedd

Amazing prices on great Mazon sticks!

Take advantage of our great sponsordeal with Mazon Hockey and help us raise funds towards Road to Perth!

Great quality sticks, great prices!

Email for reservations or more info.



Black Magic V4 (C.95/A.5) – €229,95 (in de winkel €279,95)
Black Magic Hook (C.80/A.5/GF.15) – €189,95 (winkel: €229,95)
Black Magic SlingShot (C.92/A.5/Z.3) – €229,95 (winkel: €279,95)
Black Magic 360 (C.95/A.5) – €229,95 (winkel: €279,95)
Fusion 9000 (C.80/A.5/GF.15) – €159,95 (winkel: €199,95)
Fusion 7000 (C.70/A.10/GF.20) – €149,95 (winkel: €179,95)
Fusion 5000 (C.60/A.10/GF.30) – €119,95 (winkel: €149,95)


Black Magic V4 JUNIOR €89,95 (winkel: €109,95)
Black Magic V4 Pink JUNIOR €79,95 (winkel: €99,95)
Black Magic Hook JUNIOR €79,95 (winkel: €99,95)


Black Magic V4 INDOOR €109,95 (winkel: €129,95)
Fusion 3000 INDOOR €69,95 (winkel: €89,95)
Fusion 500 INDOOR €49,95 (winkel: €59,95)

Adult Sticks



We are very excited to announce our next big sponsor:

Mazon Hockey

Mazon is an Australian sports company dedicated to the design and manufacture of world’s best hockey equipment. We feel Mazon is a perfect fit to our Road to Perth programme, as we try to get the best out of every player involved in our programme.

Stay tuned on how YOU can be part of this AMAZING sponsorship deal!

Welcome aboard MAZON!

Mazon Logo


12 weeks to go!!! Look how excited the locals are!

Want to support or get involved? Stay tuned! SHARE, LIKE and KEEP an eye out for:

* major sponsor announcements
* major partnership news
* fund raising dinners
* how to join a training session with Jayde Taylor
* our amazing crowd funding campaign
* the girl’s final preparations for the trip ahead

Excited Locals


Save the date for a guest coaching session with Australian Hockeyroo Jayde Taylor!!

Jayde is from Bunbury, Western Australia and has represented Australia since 2010 – playing 107 international matches! She is heavily involved in the promotion, coaching and development of hockey in WA as well as making the time for her busy careers on and off the field!

Thanks Jayde for your support! You are an absolute Aussie legend!

Please not that places will be limited. Stay tuned for more details on when, where and how to sign up!

Jayde Taylor


Exciting news!

JOULZ (specialists in energy infrastructure) are now a playing shirt sponsor! Joulz is a specialist in energy infrastructure offering across the chain products and services, such as Conceiving (design and engineering), Constructing (construction and connection) and Conserving (maintenance and breakdown & emergency services).

Welcome aboard Joulz! And thank you for your generous support!

Joulz Logo

Hello world!

Na 7 maanden exclusief op FB nu ook de eigen website!

Hier zal het reisverslag zo ‘Live’ mogelijk worden weergegeven zodat iedereen de verichtingen van de 24deelnemrs op de voet kan volgen.

After 7 months exclusively on FB now also our own website!

The journal of the journey to Perth will be published as ‘live’ as  possible so that all interested parties can follow the exploits of the 24 participants.

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