The transition from youth hockey to senior hockey is always a difficult phase for both the player and the club. The players experience a whole new approach to hockey, combined with a difference in age they have never experienced before in their hockeyteam.

As for the club, players tend to stop playing hockey when they reach the age of 15-18. In this age-group, the amount of youth hockey members drastically decreases.

In this program, we aim to challenge the players to Discover their best. This will have a positive impact to life on and off the field.

The players benefit from:

– Top hockey trainers

– Positive role models

– FUNdamentals from other sports (running, injury prevention, etc.)

– New sporting pathways.

Along the journey the players build upon existing hockey levels through a series of specialized workshops. Together with a great environment and expert knowledge the participants benefit from a player orientated program. This best prepares them for the ultimate challenge:

– Touring like a top hockey player

– Facing new environments and competition

– Experiencing the best of what the global game has to offer