Still want to join Road to Perth 2016?

Still want to join Road to Perth 2016?

We still have spots left! Currently we are building a combination team with girls coming in from HC Naarden and Kampong. Sign up closes on the 21st of april!!

DSC_6411 Cricket-teamsRoad to Perth is a combined hockey & cricket programme available for girls aged 14/15. The programme is open to players of both sports, no experience is required in either of those sports. Road to Perth aims at improving the girls at three different levels:

  • Hockey skills
  • Cricket skills
  • Personal Development


Clinic Jayde TaylorExpert coaches and role models will help you improve your hockey skills. In the period leading up to the actual tour to Perth we will train together as a team, making sure we are able to compete with some of Perth’s best hockey teams. Our coaches will be available around the year to improve your hockey skills and motivating you to get the best out of your own hockey.



Cricket Skills

For most girls, cricket is a new experience. For some girls cricket is their sport. Together we will create a team to compete against Perth’s best junior cricket teams. Our cricket coaches are of the highest level. Jason Yip (Netherlands U-17 coach), Esther de Lange (Netherlands Captain & Netherlands U-15 coach) and Miranda Veringmeier (Netherlands Vice-Captain & Netherlands U-13 and U-11 coach) are our expert coaches in cricket. These coaches have been coaching and playing at the highest level and are very much motivated to teach the beautiful sport of cricket to everyone in Road to Perth.

Personal Development

During the time leading up to the tour, as well as the tour itself, Road to Perth aims to improve the Personal Development of the girls. The girls will have to actively seek for sponsors to support the tour to Australia, setting meetings with companies and making sure the sponsor agreements are honored. Also, on tour, the girls will be responsible forDinner 1things like:

  • managing the daily budget
  • cooking for the group
  • making sure all gear is ready to use for the next game

Other events & experiences during Road to Perth are:

  • Public Speaking
  • Social Media Blogging
  • Aboriginal Art Workshop

Please email us for more information at info @